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Birthdate:Oct 13
Location:California, United States of America
I am here for MCR bandom and HP, Harry/Draco mostly, with a soft spot for Remus/Sirius. I also love Merlin and read in a bunch of other fandoms when the story suits me, such as Glee, BBC Sherlock, and Downton Abbey. I came out of the closet three years ago and am in the process of a mindful, loving divorce with the father of my kids. I love careful, thoughtful fic and meta, as well as playful porn and quirky characters. I strive to improve my writing with everything I do. Staying in character and showing, not telling are my current priorities, but I often also make the writing into art when I just... let it unfold.


Harry Potter
Clearing Things Up, a Remus/Sirius one-shot, hard R.

The Coherency Obstacle, a Ginny/Astoria, Harry/Draco 30k fic about same sex attraction in the midst of a het marriage. nc-17.

Salt and Magic, a Harry/Draco drabble for Harry's 30th birthday that I wrote. And then I promptly got shit-faced. PG.

For the Best, a continuation ficlet for Salt and Magic. I wrote it and promptly decided I needed to boycott h/d or die in a messy puddle of emo goo. The boycott did not last long. PG.

The End of Possibility, a thought exercise about Deathly Hallows where Harry meets Draco at King's Cross, instead of Dumbledore. PG.

What Is Dark?, a Harry/Draco series where Harry may or many not be a good guy, but is definitely topping the fuck out of Malfoy. Or is he? WIP. nc-17.

This is a link to my entries for 2011's Harry/Draco ldws at [community profile] slythindor100.

Dark Ink on DW, or Dark Ink on LJ, my Harry/Draco canonfest entry. 21k about how far Harry will go to feel healed after the war. And what Draco does to help him. nc-17.

Holding Her Accountable, a Vicky T/Greta fic that is loosely a freelance musicians in LA!AU. Mild d/s, large bandom cast of characters, kitchen counter fucking. nc-17.

Outside/Inside, my very first Frank/Gerard ficlet. Gerard wants to access Frank through his tattoos. PG.

Ready, a Frank/Gerard d/s porn ficlet. PWP. nc-17.

Accidental Bondage, Gerard/Frank tour bus romantic porn, in which Frank is accidentally chained to Gerard's bunk, and stage gay is getting out of control. nc-17.

They're Gonna Clean Up Your Looks, a follow-up ficlet to Accidental Bondage. PG.

This is a link to [personal profile] dapatty's amazing podfic of the Accidental Bondage fics. Go listen!

Something Right Past the Turnpike Gates, Frank/Gerard, featuring art critic!Frank and recluse artist!Gerard. AU. WIP. Still working on getting the porn in here; will eventually be nc-17.

My Little One-Night Stand, a Frank/Gerard bronies fic wherein Frank is a nanny for Lindsey's baby, and he needs Gerard's help. nc-17.

HP/Bandom crossover drunkfic. This is crack!fic, written while drinking as part of the [profile] hpdrunkfic fest, involving Harry at a My Chem show, fake boyfriends, Justin Bieber, and Malfoy in a snit. The second part was co-written by the irreplaceable [personal profile] mijeli. PG.

This Situation Should Come With a Warning, a rl!ficlet about a mom of a boy in my daughter "Greta's" class.

This is a link to my anal sex information post. Not a fic.

I am over 18.
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